WaveFront Technology

Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor systems for the following applications:

ClearWave: Contact lens measurement and analysis

CrystalWave: Intraocular lens measurement and analysis

CLAS-2D: Scientific study, laser beam analysis, optical testing and alignment, surface measurement, phase parameters, and more

How does a Shack-Hartmann system work?

wavefront sensor, aberrometer, intraocular lens calculation, lumetrics

CLAS-2D™ uses a micro-optic lenslet array to dissect a light beam into multiple focal spots. The positions of these focal spots are used to measure the optical wavefront.

The basic geometry of a Shack-Hartmann based sensor is shown above. The sensor consists of two basic parts: a lenslet array and a position-sensing detector. The incoming light is dissected into a number of small samples by the lenslet array, which then focuses the light onto the detector array.

More information can be found on the Info Center, WaveFront Resources.

Lumetrics Shack-Hartmann systems provide key advantages over other technologies.

  • Hardware Design
    • Patented fixed lenslet mounting directly in front of the camera detector.
    • Vibration resistant - This rigid design provides a completely vibration insensitive system no matter what the environment.
    • Thermal stability - provides better thermal stability than low-cost wavefront sensors. This is important because thermal stresses directly affect the position and alignment of the lenslet array, which affects accuracy and repeatability of optical measurements.
    • Calibration & Accuracy - With over 200 systems in the field, no system has lost its calibration or fundamental accuracy. This accuracy is set at the factory and does not degrade because of this patented mounting.
  • Software Design
    • The CLAS-2D software package is the most flexible and thorough in the industry.
    • Comprehensive SW package provides an integrated package with access to all the features.
    • Centralized control – Control panel allows operation of most commonly used operations and immediate data analysis with a click or two of the mouse. 
    • Permanent calibration - Lumetrics analysis software permanently stores the factory reference file in the computer for a lifetime of accurate measurements.  

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