Newest CrystalWave™765 IOL measurement system shipped!

Intra-ocular Lens Precision Aberrometer™
For IOL Production
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CrystalWave Data sheet

CrystalWave 765 Data sheet

The CrystalWave™ Intra-ocular Lens Precision Aberrometer™ is an optical instrument designed to measure intra-ocular lenses using wavefront technology.   CrystalWave™ measures each intra-ocular lens using a grid of 10,000 lenslets. Measurements include spherical power, cylinder, axis, coma, trefoil, and other high order aberrations. MTF can be calculated from the wavefront measurement with or without an optional model eye. By means of software masks, multifocal intra-ocular lenses can also be measured. The measurement performed with a green light source is compliant to ISO 11979. The instrument also includes a video camera that can be used for visual inspections.   CrystalWave™ is compatible with the CLAS-2D™ Server software. This software allows the end user to write applications in LabView, Visual Basic, or other languages to directly control the CrystalWave™ instrument for production line environments.

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