Contact Lens Precision Aberrometer™
For Contact Lens Production
Process Control

ClearWave, wavefront measurement, intraocular lens measurement
ClearWave data sheet

The ClearWave™ Contact Lens Precision Aberrometer™ is optimized for the development and production of contact lenses. Combining the world's highest resolution Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor with a custom designed software package, ClearWave™ provides superior insight into the performance and production of contact lenses. It uses similar techniques to the COAS™ Precision Aberrometer™.  It includes an extremely high dynamic range and resolution Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor to profile the contact lenses accurately. Through the use of an adjustable optometer, both wet and dry contact lenses can be measured. ClearWave™ produces wavefront maps and sphere and cylinder for On-Eye in wet and dry configurations.

With ClearWave™ not only sphero-cylinder, but also higher order aberrations can be measured accurately. The instrument is particularly effective in locating defects and controlling quality of new modalities for making customized contact lenses.

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