Family of Wavefront Sensors
For Instant Phase Analysis

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The CLAS-2D™ Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor combines the functions of an interferometer, beam
profiler, and beam quality meter in one instrument.  
The system software analyzes optical aberrations
including astigmatism, coma, spherical aberration, focus error/collimation, tilt and more. In addition, the CLAS-2D™ measures M 2 beam quality, MTF, Strehl Ratio,
near field and far field beam divergence, and other
beam parameters.

Versions are available for both CW and pulsed beams in three wavelength ranges: visible, near IR, and long IR.

Typical wavefront sensor applications are:
  • Laser beam diagnostics
  • Optical testing
  • Alignment
  • Angular measurement
  • Collimation
  • Surface measurement


CLAS-XP wavefront sensors and beam reducers CLAS-XP wavefront sensors and beam reducers
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For complete specifications of the CLAS-2D™ family of wavefront sensors:
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Wavefront Analysis
Wavefront Analysis Specifications
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