Precision wall thickness, ID, OD, ovality, and concentricity measurements, simultaneously

Medical Tubing Measurement, Catheter Measurement In order to meet stringent manufacturing requirements, medical tubing manufacturers strive to maintain consistent and precise wall thickness, inside diameter (ID), outside diameter (OD), concentricity, and the reduction of ovality. 

Accurate thickness measurement of these components is critical to product quality and the safe practice of patient care. Medical tubing manufacturers have traditionally used destructive and time consuming measurement techniques such as pin gauges, optical comparators, ultrasonic testing, and calipers to derive rough estimates of these critical measurements. 

With new and ever-changing legislation and regulation by the FDA, the need for a recordable, real-time, easily integrateable medical tubing measurement process that would ensure safety and quality arose.

Utilizing innovative optical measurement technology, Lumetrics’ OptiGauge™ is a non-contact medical tubing and catheter thickness measurement system in use throughout the medical industry for dimensional testing of all types of extruded tubing products.

OptiGauge™ by Lumetrics can be installed on the production line for real-time inspection of silicone, plastic, or glass tubing, or in the QA laboratory for accurate thickness measurement of tubing samples. The OptiGauge™ is fast becoming the preferred technology among tubing manufacturers for high precision non-contact thickness measurement. 

Lumetrics has also developed another new measurement fixture- the LumetriScan™ 360.  The LumetriScan™ 360 provides a system for advanced catheter measurement that provides consistent, NIST traceable, and real-time measurement in the production process.  Not only does this make the process more simple, it reduces user error, saves time, money, and waste all while meeting the new, stringent criteria for medical tubing and catheter manufacturing that the FDA requires.


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