Our Technology

OptiGauge™ is a thickness measurement technology that operates on the principle of interferometry, the interaction of reflected light from materials with slightly different Indices of Refraction.

By detecting the slight changes between layers or materials, OptiGauge™ can quickly and accurately measure the changes between boundaries and generate measurement results with an accuracy of .000004".

The optical probe directs invisible 1310nm infrared light through transparent, translucent or colored materials and sends reflections from each internal surface through the control module to the PC, where highly advanced software provides instant analysis in an easy-to-use graphical user interface.

View an animation illustrating this process.

thickness measurement, optical interferometry

OptiGauge can measure many different shapes and topographies, simultaneously supporting multiple probes that can be positioned thousands of feet away from each other.

New Thickness Measurement Solutions

Lumetrics® is pleased to introduce the newest family of OptiGauges™ - and new price points. This includes the OptiGauge SLS™ (Single Layer System), OptiGauge EMS (Extended Measurement System), and the standard of the industry the OptiGauge MLS (Multi Layer System). These systems are a natural extension to our product line and were designed based on customer requirements.

The OptiGauge SLS™- The system displays a single layer thickness measurement while still providing the complete graphical display and at a new economical price point.

The OptiGauge EMS™ is tailored to those customers that require a measurement system for thicker materials. The OptiGauge EMS™ has the same functionality as the standard OptiGauge MLS™ but with a larger stretch capability, and slower acquisition speeds.

The OptiGauge MLS™ has the same precision and accuracy as our traditional OptiGauge™ but runs on the new Windows 7 platform and a low profile controller.

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Uses light reflections from translucent materials to provide accuracies of 0.1 micron