OptiGauge MLS™ - Precision Multi-Layer
Thickness Measurement System


Optigauge MLS, multi-layer thickness measurement
OptiGauge MLS™
Thickness Measurement System

The OptiGauge MLS™ is the optimal non contact thickness measurement system for companies looking to move away from traditional contact measurement systems. It is non-destructive and objective and leaves no margin for operator error.

The OptiGauge MLS™ is the original, gold standard for non-contacting dimensional measurements. This full featured system offers the following:

  • Multi-Layer Thickness- up to 20 layers
  • Thickness of individual layers and total overall thickness is calculated automatically
  • Top wall, Inside Diameter, Bottom Wall, and Outer Diameter of balloon or tube
  • System is compatible with our 8-channel Optical Switch
  • System is compatible with our RICS- Refractive Index Calculation System
  • Measures both CT and SAG simultaneously for Contact Lenses

This system is geared to customers who require the most flexibility in a measurement system. The Multi –Layer system provides the utmost ease of use, reliability, and sub-micron accuracy that leading manufacturers have come to rely on from the OptiGauge. Designed for use in Quality, R&D labs, and production floors, this system will improve yields, reduce costs, increase quality, and meet compliance requirements.


Optigauge MLS, multi-layer thickness measurement

System Components

  • OptiGauge- MLS™ and Controller
  • OCC- OptiGauge™ Control Center Software License
  • Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse
  • Optical Probe

Note: A full assortment of Optical Probes is available to choose from depending on your application.

OptiGauge MLS™ Data Sheet

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Rent or Lease an OptiGauge™

Lumetrics® provides OptiGauge™systems for all size companies and for different reasons. Sometimes budgets or approvals keep you from taking advantage of the capabilities of the OptiGauge™ to solve a problem immediately. If so we have a solution that can help.

  • 1 to 3 year leases, longer if necessary
  • 3 month to 1 year rentals
  • Same great Lumetrics® consulting support