Our instruments Measure: Center Thickness, Sagital Height, Power, Wavefront Aberrations

Precise Center Thickness and Sagital Height measurements for Production or QA

Ophthalmic, contact lens, contact lens measurement, measure contact lens, center thickness, sagital height, contact lens power measurementToday's ophthalmic products require precise dimensional control to provide the fit and comfort that doctors require and customers demand. Traditionally, inspection of critical measurements such as center thickness (CT) and sagittal height (SAG) are done at the end of a production run using destructive testing methods. The OptiGauge by Lumetrics uses Super Luminescent Technology to provide high precision, non-destructive, repeatable measurement of these and other critical dimensions. The OptiGauge can be integrated into the production line or the QA process, providing real-time measurement of ophthalmic products. The OptiGauge provides peace of mind to production and QA by providing inspection on up to 100 percent of all products. Because the OptiGauge can be integrated into the production process, problems can be detected much earlier, reducing lost production time and increasing yields. That's why the OptiGauge has become the preferred method of dimensional measurement among leading ophthalmic manufacturers for R&D, QA, and production inspection applications.

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Contact Lens Measurement of Power and Wavefront Aberrations

Ophthalmic, contact lens, contact lens measurement, measure contact lens, center thickness, sagital height, contact lens power measurementClearWave™ has been designed to assist contact lens manufacturers in fast and accurate screening of standard and multifocal lenses in both wet and dry states. The wide open loading area leaves room for automation equipment to move contact lenses through the measurement path. In a laboratory environment, a variety of mounts and wet cells enable easy part handling.

ClearWave™ measures sphere, cylinder, axis, and aberrations such as coma and spherical aberration. Additionally, ClearWave™ provides detailed wavefront maps and Zernike coefficients for customized contact lenses and also measures multizone contact lenses (bifocals and most multifocal designs). The primary optical sensor in ClearWave™ is a Shack-Hartman wavefront sensor. Advantages of these sensors include small size, ruggedness, accuracy, and vibration insensitivity.

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Intraocular Lens Measurement of Power and Waverfront Aberrations

Ophthalmic, Intraocular lens,Intraocular lens measurement, measure Intraocular lens, Intraocular lens power measurementCrystalWave™ has been designed for dry testing of intraocular lenses. Focal length, wavefront, and MTF measurements are combined in a single instrument using a Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor. For normal software operations, a simple user interface guides the alignment of the IOL and the measurements. Researchers can access the CLAS-2D™ software for advanced data analysis, including Zernike polynomials, coma, and spherical aberration.

The CrystalWave™ also supports production line installations and is insensitive to vibrations. The measurement zone accepts a single IOL or multiple IOLs in a carousel. The optional CrystalServer™ software allows user written programs to control CrystalWave™ in coordination with robotic equipment. The combined measurement of power, wavefront, and MTF measurements in one instrument minimizes part handling. Older technologies required separate instruments for power and MTF and required subjective judgments by technicians. Now wavefront technology provides objective measurements that are repeatable for process control.

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