Precise Center Thickness and Sagital Height measurements for Production or QA

OphthalmicToday's ophthalmic products require precise dimensional control to provide the fit and comfort that doctors require and customers demand. Traditionally, inspection of critical measurements such as center thickness (CT) and sagittal height (SAG) are done at the end of a production run using destructive testing methods. The OptiGauge by Lumetrics uses Super Luminescent Technology to provide high precision, non-destructive, repeatable measurement of these and other critical dimensions. The OptiGauge can be integrated into the production line or the QA process, providing real-time measurement of ophthalmic products. The OptiGauge provides peace of mind to production and QA by providing inspection on up to 100 percent of all products. Because the OptiGauge can be integrated into the production process, problems can be detected much earlier, reducing lost production time and increasing yields. That's why the OptiGauge has become the preferred method of dimensional measurement among leading ophthalmic manufacturers for R&D, QA, and production inspection applications.


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