Online Fixtures

Lumetrics provides online fixturing for all types of applications from lenses to tubing to film. Each of these applications is designed custom for the application. There are specific principles that we use in design to ensure a smooth integration of the Lumetrics equipment. Certain components work across many production lines especially for films. Most scanning systems are custom per line.

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Online Film, Film Thickness Measurement, Multi-layer film measurement Medical Tubing Measurement, Online tubing measurement

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LumetriScan™ Tubing Monitor

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Silicon Wafer Scanning System, Silicon Wafer Measurement High Precision Scanning System, Precision Measurement

Silicon Wafer Scanning System

Silicon Wafer Scanning White Paper

High Precision Multi-Layer Scanning System

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Blow Molding Measurement, thickness measurement, lumetrics Large Optical Scanning System, lumetrics

Blow Molding Measurement

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Large Optic Scanning System

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Online Film Measurement System Bubble Scanner

Online Scanning Probe Mounting

Photonics Spectra Article Featuring Lumetrics

Bubble Scanner

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