High speed non-contact thickness gauging for multiple manufacturing processes



Industrial thickness measurement, lumetrics, optigaugeIn many industrial-manufacturing sectors, the need for accurate non-contact thickness measurement is paramount. From architectural glass to plastic-laminated foil to high tech silicon wafer production, OptiGauge by Lumetrics provides the solution to many precision thickness measurement problems through its high-speed electronics and flexible software engineering approach. OptiGauge uses advanced Super Luminescent Technology for real-time gauging of many industrial products including glass, food packaging, adhesives, and electronic components. The OptiGauge can be integrated into many different production lines to create a closed-loop process control system that cuts costs, reduces waste, and increases manufacturing efficiency. The OptiGauge non-contact gauging solution has wide application in variable-width web scanning for in- process manufacturing, where critical real-time single or multi-layer measurements are required. This is why the Lumetrics' OptiGauge material thickness measurement system is fast becoming the technology of choice among leading industrial manufacturers in QA, R&D, and production operations.




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