Simultaneous film thickness measurement of multiple layers and coatings of multilayer films, online or in the lab



Thickness measurement of multilayer materialsMultilayer film thickness measurement provides a challenge to the manufacturers who produce complex films or other light-permeable materials, and the quality personnel who need to inspect them. Archaic measurement methods are time consuming and often inaccurate. The results may depend more on the accuracy of a weight scale or the sharpness of a razor blade than a true measurement of the product. New, stricter FDA regulations require many products/materials to have NIST traceable inspection history, as well as information that cannot be obtained using outdated inspection methods.  Lumetrics is the film thickness measurement authority.  The OptiGauge™ uses innovative light technology to provide non-destructive, accurate, real-time, film thickness measurement for all types of multilayer films and thin film coatings whether co-extruded, coated, or laminated.

Most technologies can only tell how much coating is applied or the resins used, however the OptiGauge™, with its unique optical measurement approach can tell how evenly it's applied and how consistent the layers are. The OptiGauge™ is also ideal for measuring things such as blood bag seams/seals, diagnostic test strips, and flow cells. With its online and offline capabilities, the OptiGauge™ is the choice for multilayer thickness measurement of major film producers the world over. Lumetrics has film thickness measurement installations throughout the world in the top medical, food packaging, pharmaceutical, glass, optics, semiconductor, and other materials manufacturing operations that require non-destructive, non-contact measurement solutions.   Lumetrics’ dedicated team of professionals will evaluate your specific thickness measurement needs using our unique Lumetrics 360 Assessment Process™ to determine what products will provide a superior multilayer thickness measurement solution for your inspection needs while maximizing your return on investment.