OptiGauge™ vs. Beta Gauge: The OptiGauge™ is self-calibrating, faster, more accurate, has remote functionality, is non-toxic, measures thick and multi-layered films, and is more economical than other inspection methods.

With newer, more stringent guidelines set forth by the FDA, comes a need to accurately inspect materials used in the manufacture of consumer goods.  The measurement and inspection of these materials is necessary for safety as well as quality, and in order to prevent waste in the production process.  One method of inspection that we’ve seen is radiography- more specifically by way of the beta-gauge.  This method, while formerly very effective, now is outdated when modern methods of inspection provide more accurate, simultaneous multi-layer thickness measurements.  Lumetrics® has invented the OptiGauge™- and proven it as an accurate, non-contact measurement system designed to reduce production cycle time, and enhance quality control for medical device, optics, and industrial materials manufacturers. 

Lumetrics’ technology operates on the principle of interferometry, the interaction of reflected light from materials with slightly different Indices of Refraction.  This technology is intrinsically safe and can be used in any industrial situation.  Unlike the Optigauge™, the Beta Gauge uses a nuclear source which poses inherent safety issues as well as social concerns.  By detecting the slight changes between layers or materials, the OptiGauge™ by Lumetrics® can quickly and accurately measure the changes between boundaries and generate measurement results with an accuracy of .00004".  The Beta Gauge has limited accuracy and is constantly in need of re-calibration due to the nuclear source degrading.  Also, when used to measure multi-layer film, the beta gauge provides mass measurement, not thickness measurement and it can cause film defects in multi-layer structures where materials of different densities are used. 

The OptiGauge™ by Lumetrics ® is the obvious choice for operations that have a need for easily integrated, cost-effective, consistent, online, or offline multi-layer measurement technology.  Call Vice President of Sales, Steve Kelly at 585.214.2455 x 121 to see how Lumetrics® can provide superior measurement solutions for your production process.

Lumetrics provides multilayer film thickness on blown film lines as well as cast film lines

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