Wall/cone thickness, coating, concentricity, and ovality measurements for soft and hard arterial balloons or similar products



balloon catheter, medical balloon, thickness measurementMedical balloon measurement can pose a challenge to many inspection systems, but especially hard to measure are those products composed of soft material or that are variable in shape and size. One of the major variables in medical balloon quality is the condition of the tubing used in its manufacture. Dimensional measurements, including wall thickness, concentricity, and ovality all contribute to the critical operation of the medical balloon. Medical device manufacturers, including those who make stents, medical balloons, and dipped silicone parts, have traditionally used nineteenth century instruments such as pin gauges, micrometers, and razor blades to validate these twenty first century products.


Dipped Stent
Dipped Stent


Developed and proven by Lumetrics, the OptiGauge™ uses cutting-edge optical technology to provide high precision, non-destructive, repeatable, real-time medical balloon measurements. The OptiGauge™ provides dimensional testing of wall thickness across a medical balloon, including the body, cones, the ends of arterial, and other medical balloons as well as associated products. Whether the product is clear, coated, or encased in wire mesh, the OptiGauge™ brings confidence in product integrity to the medical device manufacturer and their customers. That’s why our OptiGauge™ technology has become the preferred method of medical balloon measurement among leading manufacturers for R&D, QA, process improvement, and production inspection applications.




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