Precise dimensional measurements of vials and ampoules in real-time production lines

GlassThe physical integrity of medical-use glass ampoules and vials is critical to the function they were designed to provide. An ampoule that breaks when it shouldn't, or breaks in the wrong place when it's needed, is less than useless—it can be dangerous. The Lumetrics OptiGauge, employing Super Luminescent Technology, gives the manufacturer the ability to verify that product is to spec, using highly accurate, non-contact thickness measurement of glass and hard plastic ampoule and vial walls. Our customers monitor product quality in the QA lab as well as in-process, greatly reducing lost time and money wasted making bad product. The innovative thickness testing provided by the OptiGauge instills confidence in product integrity and safety through the entire supply chain--from the manufacturer to the patient. That's why the OptiGauge has become the preferred method of dimensional measurement among leading manufacturers for R&D, QA, and production inspection applications.


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